A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES 5654 County Road Fackler, AlabamA Phone:(256)437-0174
    A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES                5654 County Road                 Fackler, AlabamA               Phone:(256)437-0174

OUR DOGS!  & Some Outside Shots of Our Kennel

Our kennel dogs are checked on everyday. We worm all of the kennel dogs once a month. We worm the pregnant mothers as soon as we put them up. We give all dogs 2 to 3 haircuts a year. We trim all of the mothers before we put them up also. All of the kennel dogs have very large pens with peach trees for more shade. All of our kennel dogs that reach 6 to 7 years of age are given away to good homes by us or the Westie Rescue Southeast. If you would like an older dog and have a large farm or fenced in yard or just think you have a good home for an older dog call us at: (256)437-0174.

Here's a few shots of some of our retired Westies. We gave them to Mrs. Sherry Moore of Westie Rescue/ Southeastern USA. Thanks for the great pics!

We have 1500 "LIKES" on our FB page! Come and check out the 1000's of pics of pups, parents and our kennel! Update Pics posted at least once a week also! Watch your pup as it grows! Also, you can see Customer Pics & Reviews!