A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES 5654 County Road Fackler, AlabamA Phone:(256)437-0174
    A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES                5654 County Road                 Fackler, AlabamA               Phone:(256)437-0174

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We're located in north-eastern Alabama, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Huntsville Hospital. We have about 40 years experience with dogs, 13 with Westies and Schnauzers. We are a family-run business. We love all of our dogs and take good care of each one of them. We check on all of our dogs daily, the whole kennel, mothers and pups. We play with our pups each day so they won't be shy or skiddish. We are very proud of our kennel and our dogs. If you would like you can come by and check out our kennel, just call ahead. 256-437-0174. We've been raising Westies for over 7-8 years. We've practically seen a little bit of everything. But nothing serious. We love our Westies and want them to live long happy lives. When they get about 6 or so. We find them kind, new homes. We have a few Westies, so just give us a call or e-mail for more info or closer pics. Thanks....

This is an excerpt from the book, Westies-From Head To Toe by Ruth Faherty-A very good Westie beginner's book!

Raising & Selling Some Of The Most Beautiful & Healthy West Highland White Terriers In North Alabama!

We have 1500 "LIKES" on our FB page! Come and check out the 1000's of pics of pups, parents and our kennel! Update Pics posted at least once a week also! Watch your pup as it grows! Also, you can see Customer Pics & Reviews!