A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES 5654 County Road Fackler, AlabamA Phone:(256)437-0174
                   A. THOMAS PEACHES & PUPPIES                      5654 County Road                     Fackler, AlabamA                   Phone:(256)437-0174


Welcome to our page! We hope you enjoy it! It's taken a while to complete. I'll also add to it as I get in more customer update pics and ridiculously cute puppy pics. We also use Facebook as our "homebase" to post weekly Update Pics, you can send us a Direct Message plus you can also check out our Customer Reviews and Ratings. We love all of our dogs and love to show them off! We also love our Customers and want to be there for them as much as possible along the way! We have no AKC restrictions like other breeders! We always say, "Healthy, Happy Pups Make Happy, Wonderful Customers!" Also, please remember to Scroll Down to see What's For Sale and What We're Taking Deposits On Right Now! We also have a GUESTBOOK. Just look for the Tab located at the top of the page to leave us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you out just about any way we can! We stay very busy during the Summer months, so feel free to call me if you don't hear back quick enough. But we're dipping, worming, shots, doing haircuts, adding on to our kennel and our puppy house, cleaning up and playing, feeding and watering pups and our breeding dogs. There's always work to do to keep our dogs and place looking great! Feel free to enjoy the website and pics provided by us and our wonderful customers!                 ~Waylon~

Hello There! I'm one of the happy, healthy Westie pups from A. Thomas Peaches & Puppies! I'm socialized, playful and full of life! I've been wormed, sprayed and treated for things that some breeders fail to treat!


AKC registered Westie and Mini Schnauzer pups for sale. We raise and take care of West Highland Terriers (westies) and Miniature Schnauzers as a hobby. They are all AKC registered. We also give you Full AKC Breeding Rights when you get a puppy. Some people charge up to $1000 or more just to get breeding rights! We are located in beautiful Fackler, Alabama. About 1 hour and 15 minutes from Huntsville Hospital. Near Scottsboro, AL. Take a look around, check out our puppies and our kennels. If you have any other questions feel free to call us at (256)437-0174. Ask for Waylon Berry. We have some of the cheapest prices you will see! Taking deposits, $100 (usually PayPal, check or a money order) will hold a puppy. Please call me or e-mail me and get more info before you send a Deposit! $850 for Westie Females, $800 for Males. $550 for Schnauzer Females and $500 for Males. Our Puppy House has an Air Conditioner for Summer and Heaters for Winter. So our mothers and puppies can stay comfortable all year 'round and the mother can take care of what matters most, The Puppies! All of our pups come with their first shots and are wormed on a strict schedule. We also have a puppy health guarantee. We also have a stud service, look for the tab located above. Call for details! Scroll down to see what we have for sale as of right now. I update it every couple of days. Also, check out our NEW tab, "Satisfied Customers," located above. We also have a Facebook page under: A. Thomas's Peaches & Puppies, Fackler, AL 35746.  It's updated every other day. SORRY NO REFUNDS AFTER BACKING OUT OF DEPOSITS! Also, if you have to change your pick up day, please let us know ASAP! We can work with you! But you'll usually have to pick your pup out from a pic or video before coming here to pick it up. But this will ensure you get your pick without losing your place in line! We raise 99% of our pups from our own breeding dogs here on-site! So we get attatched to them also! We also DNA test all of our Males and some Females through the AKC. We have all of our dog's AKC paperwork here on site. Plus the AKC inspects about every other year. They check for everything from dog houses, living spaces to outside kennels and paperwork. They're very thorough and do a lot of good things for dogs everywhere. Plus the new site at: AKC.com is a great resource for new puppy owners to seasoned breeders! Check it out sometime!                                                                                                         


Scroll Down to see what we have FOR SALE or what we're taking DEPOSITS on Right Now! This PAGE was UPDATED ON: Monday, OCTOBER, 8th. Everything is NOW Up To Date!

We work very hard every day to have the best Westies & Mini Schnauzers in our area! That's why they're happy, healthy and beautiful as can be! We also treat for things that other breeders know nothing about!


 ~West Highland White TerrierS~

~INFO!~ Prices for Westies-Females are: $850, Males are: $800 All Are AKC with Full Rights To Breed (Anytime after 8 months, as a rule by AKC, some people like to wait a year or longer), Health Guaranteed and Come With Their First Shot Which Takes Care Of Parvo, Distemper, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis 1 and 2 plus Canine Influenza. It's a very effective and highly recommended puppy shot. We also worm our pups with 2 different wormers and treat them for Coccidia just days before you get your pup. Just to ensure you get a healthy, happy puppy! We also socialize pups before they leave here! We don't have pups that are scared or shy! They run and play like happy, healthy pups should!


We have Many Male Westies & 2 Female Westies (16 Weeks Old & Younger) Available To Go NOW! All are Ready To Go NOW with more that we're taking Deposits On also! Call or message me, send an e-mail or message us straight through our Facebook page for further details. New Update Pics will be posted on our FB page weekly or bi-weekly. Check it out! Click the "green" link below to be transported to our FB page instantly. Just sign in to your Facebook account before pressing the button to access all of the new weekly pics. THANKS EVERYONE! 

~Miniature SchnauzerS~

 ~INFO!~ Females are: $550, while the Males are: $500. They Come With Tails & Dewclaws Removed. All Are AKC with Full Rights To Breed, Health Guaranteed and Come With Their First Shot Which Takes Care Of Parvo, Distemper, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis 1 & 2 and Canine Influenza. It's a very effective and highly recommended puppy shot! Pups cannot be put under anesthesia until 5 months old for things like trimmed ears or surgeries.

We're have 4 Salt & Pepper Mini Schnauzer Males that are around 12 weeks old. All have had haircuts and all of their shots, wormings and flea & tick treatments. All have different personalities and colorings. Come to see them or click our Facebook link above to see some pics. Ready To Go NOW!        We also just had more born that we're taking deposits on NOW! Deposits are only $100 and will hold your place to come pick a pup out once they're ready to go in about 6 to 7 weeks from Now!

All Mini Schnauzers Are AKC Registered. They Come With A Health Guarantee And Their 1st Shots. We Also Dock The Tails And Remove Dewclaws (Mini Schnauzers Only!)

Also, check out our GUESTBOOK in the tab located at the top of the page. There, you can send an e-mail directly to us. We would love to help you find the perfect AKC West Highland White Terrier or Mini Schnauzer pup. We also retire our breeding dogs to approved homes and also use the Westie Rescue Southeast once our dogs are around 6 to 7 years old. We love them just like our inside dogs! Come by to visit! We work hard to have some of the happiest and healthiest breeding dogs and pups around! We guarantee it!